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Highrise Building, Mid-Atlantic States - Fire and water damage.

LMACS was responsible for oversight of contaminated document processing, and was assigned by the general adjuster to review contractor invoices and monitor the activities of restoration and environmental firms hired for the removal and decontamination of documents of three major tenants. LMACS provided overview and analysis of environmental operations to assure that work proposed was required, and properly and efficiently performed. LMACS also developed procedures for document destruction, utilizing environ-mental parameters to meet all agency requirements.

Historic Firehouse, Mid-Atlantic States - Storm water damage during renovations.

LMACS confirmed and estimated the scope of loss. LMACS, working in support of the insurance adjuster assigned to adjust the loss, evaluated the damage utilizing a construction professional, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers. The public adjuster estimated the loss at $350,000+. LMACS prepared a report on the loss including cost estimate of repairs for covered damage of $16,000. As a result of the completeness and accuracy of LMACS’s estimate and report, the public adjuster dropped their claim and instead planned to pursue the general contractor on a liability claim.

Manufacturing Facility (32,000 SF), Midwest - Roof collapse, snow load.

LMACS was called in on an emergency weekend basis to determine extent of damage and initiate immediate safety and stabilization operations, as well as initial phases of rebuilding the facility. This structure was a total loss, along with mechanical and electrical systems. Through our project manage-ment efforts and on-site overview of activities, LMACS was able to totally rebuild the building in two months with all systems operational, and the insured was operational within five weeks after the loss. In rebuilding this building, LMACS was also able to save approximately $600,000 on con-struction and a similar amount on business interruption compared to the original reserves.

Document Storage Facility (60,000 SF), Midwest - Fire damage.

A document fire smoldered for two weeks, causing distortion of the structural steel frame and spreading to adjoining structures hundreds of feet away from the fire location. LMACS was assigned to this loss as a project manager to review invoices and construction means and methods pro-posed by the engineer and/or contractor for appropriateness and efficiency of work. One of our main tasks was to contain costs on all T&M operations.

Solid Waste Facility (240,000 SF), Southeast - Tornado damage.

LMACS provided project management services to oversee the mitigation of damage, conduct damage surveys, and manage the reconstruction. Because structural stresses were transmitted throughout the structural frame, a full structural engineering analysis was conducted. LMACS had an on-site representative to monitor time and material demolition and safety and stabilization activity on site.

Supply Warehouse (32,000 SF), Midwest - Total loss from fire.

LMACS was requested to prepare a cost estimate of replacement for a fire loss. To determine the extent or replacement for the building’s slab-on-grade and subsoil conditions, LMACS hired a testing lab to perform core tests and utilized the results to determine what portion of the slab and foundations could be reused.

Construction Claim Business Analysis

This case involved analyzing the financial status and general marketing and sales procedures of an established erection subcontractor after they experienced a major accident on one of their projects. Our role was to review and comment on whether there were any damaging effects as a result of the accident, which may have reduced the business opportunities for this firm or whether other conditions caused their financial problems.

Design/Construction Defects

This case involved an analysis of the design specifications and the cost of installation for a replacement gymnasium floor, which, it was claimed, was improperly constructed. It was alleged that the main cause of added cost and construction delay was poor construction methods.

Design/Construction Defects

This case involved the analysis of the concrete structural frame for several mid-rise apartments and condominiums. Our task was to determine if the current damage was design or construction related, develop repair procedures and cost estimates for the repairs, and the parties at fault.

Construction Delay Claim

This case involved a subcontractor's contractual obligations to its mechanical contractor and the review and analysis of the work it performed to determine if the sub-subcontractor had defaulted, as claimed.

Business Sale/Change Order Analysis

This case involved the analysis of change orders and other contract issues, which were part of a sale of a construction company. LMACS's role was to determine if the appropriate amounts were negotiated for the change orders which were to become part of the purchase price, and whether the proper amounts were paid to the party selling the company.

Design Defect -- Product Liability

This case required the structural review and evaluation of testing and inspection procedures, which had been performed by experts on a worldwide basis for a pre-cast concrete product defect.


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